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These are the most beautiful lighthouses in Adriatic

Lighthouse Korkyra

The most luxurious lighthouse in Adriatic


Lighthouse Grebeni Dubrovnik

Lighthouse Grebeni (Reefs) Dubrovnik – protecting the pearl of the Adriatic



These lighthouses are able to accommodate all those who want a luxury class hotel on a desert Island. During your stay these island becomes all yours. It is a unique element in the Adriatic


Lighthouses are situated on the beautiful small islands that are part of a unique environment. Your own island you can visit in just 10 minutes. So much time is necessary and speedboat to reach the pearl of the Adriatic Dubrovnik and Korčula



On the island it is possible to enjoy all the culinary delights as well as in the best restaurants on the mainland. We offer all sorts of dishes, from seafood delicacies to meat and game. Your wishes and all requests will be heard

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